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The Tokenization of The World Starts Now. Tokenization Is Putting Real-World Assets on Blockchains. Blockchain technology could change our world more than people imagine.

The Tokenization of The World Starts Now. Tokenization Is Putting
Real-World Assets on Blockchains. Blockchain technology could change our world more than people imagine.

Megatrend 1
Social Media

Social media doesn’t fix anything, it just amplifies things. Don’t use it to impress people, use it to impact people.

Megatrend 2
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing had made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. Affiliates lead the way to wealth.

Megatrend 3
Blockchain Technology

It is the biggest opportunity we can think of over the next decade. Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain.

About Us

We Take Your Business To Soaring New Heights

Global Click isn't just another platform; it's a transformative realm where the ordinary morphs into the extraordinary. We are a member-centric business networking and referral platform, dedicated to bolstering opportunities for small businesses and professionals through potent network referrals.

Imagine a singular platform synthesizing the best facets of Facebook, LinkedIn Premium, and cutting-edge online marketplaces. That's Global Click for you. Our suite of business tools, interfaces, and dynamic features simplifies and amplifies the art of business networking. The aim? To unify members under shared objectives, transcending geographical boundaries to foster connections and cultivate lasting professional relationships.

  • Tap into a daily flow of business prospects.

  • Dive into a directory of countless verified professionals.

  • Showcase your business and expertise to a global audience.

  • Amplify your personal and professional connections.

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Why Choose Us

We Translate Your Crypto Dream Into Reality

The team comprises experts with decades of experience in Financial Management, Information technologies, Fin-tech, Social Media, and Affiliate marketing.

Smart Contract

Audited and certified to functions specifications.

Use Cases

Store of Value & Enabler in the platform ecosystem.


KYC & AML verification for governance & compliance.

Affiliate Marketing

Robust & well-structured with lucrative incentives.

White Paper

Our Finest CLICK Token

CLICK token is a BEP-20 token developed as a native token for the Global Click platform ecosystem. The total circulation of CLICK tokens is 20 billions pre-mined tokens. The utility of the CLICK token allows you to gain access to the features available on the Global Click platform and as a reward from the affiliate program. The utility is the lifeblood of the crypto ecosystem. Without it, there's only speculation.


To boost your Profile and advertisement to reach a targeted and curated audience within the platform community to increase view and engagement.


Create a premium banner advertisement to get your business/products in front of the audience that matters most, the whole platform community.


A customer to customer (C2C) multi-vendor platform for you to list, gain visibility and sell your products or services to a curated customer base.


We incentivize our members when they maintain a complete profile and engage in meaningful interactions with and among the community members.


We reward our members when they refer their business associates and friends to join Global Click social networking platform to grow connections.

Buy and Sell

An internal trading platform where you can list your CLICK Token Right for sale at your preferential price to convert into cash before the listing.


Pre Issuance

Sales Information

Pre-Sale Start April 1, 2024 – GMT 00.00
Pre-Sale End December 31, 2024 – Or Sooner
Starting Price 0.00600 US$/CLICK
Current Price 0.00600 US$/CLICK
Minimum Target US$2.0 M
Maximum Target US$5.0 M
Minimum Buy 10,000 CLICK
Total Token Amount 2,000,000,000 CLICK In 10 Tranches
Payment Currency BNB
Smart Contract 0xC2855d5D138C5aC0e0520788bD7DD20DC5d82Aaf

Sales Progress

Raised Amount: US$0.00
Minimum Target
US$2.0 M
Maximum Target
US$5.0 M
Minimum Buy: 10,000 CLICK
Token Details

Token Distribution

  • 10% Pre-Sale – Private Investors & Early Adopters
  • 40% Pre-Issuance (Airdrop Platform Users)
  • 40% Public Sales
  • 7% Core Development Team
  • 3% Advisory Team
Blockchain Platform Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Standard BEP-20
Token Name Global Click
Token Ticker CLICK
Total Supply 20,000,000,000
Decimal 18
Road Map

Global Click Road Map

  • 1st Quarter 2017

    Concept Generation

    Social Networking Platform Architecture Design.
    Start development.

  • 2nd Quarter 2018

    Beta Launch

    Onboarding of Beta users to review and test functionalities.

  • 1st Quarter 2023


    Smart Contract deployment.
    White paper release.

  • 3rd Quarter 2023


    Affiliate Program.
    Onboarding of members.

  • 3rd Quarter 2023

    Official Launch

    Affiliate Program.
    AirDrop of CLICK.

  • 2nd Quarter 2024


    Private sales to investors
    and early adopters.

  • 4th Quarter 2024


    Create and fund Liquidity Pool
    at PancakeSwap.
    Public sales.


Your Profit With Global Click

Global Click doesn’t merely synthesize key elements from leading social networks but pioneers an innovative business model that effectively caters to users' wealth generation aspirations. Here's why we stand out:

  • Solid Foundation: Our cutting-edge social networking platform has undergone extensive evaluation by thousands of beta testers over the years. With the successful recruitment of 135,000 members, our thriving community stands ready to propel the platform into a new realm of success. This formidable membership strength, coupled with our established brand identity, positions us optimally for immediate and extensive user onboarding. The funds raised from the DEX will further empower us to enhance the platform's offerings and achieve unprecedented heights.

  • Lucrative Wealth Generation: Central to our platform is a meticulously designed affiliate program, purpose-built to offer our members/users exceptional wealth-building opportunities. Beyond the immediate advantages derived from our expansive affiliate program, members/users also have the opportunity to accumulate CLICK tokens. By doing so, they strategically position themselves to benefit from the token's appreciation, adding an additional layer to their earnings prospects.

  • Diverse Utility for CLICK: Recognizing the crucial role of utility in a token's success, we’ve curated a comprehensive range of use cases for CLICK, further cementing its intrinsic value.

  • Steered by Industry Mavericks: Global Click's vision is brought to life by a team of seasoned experts with rich backgrounds spanning Financial Management, IT, Fin-tech, Social Media, and Affiliate Marketing

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, services that aptly cater to crypto enthusiasts inherently drive token demand. As our services become increasingly indispensable and as more individuals engage with the Global Click platform – necessitating the use of CLICK for transactions – we anticipate a steady ascent in its value.

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