We are recruiting a team of experienced crypto enthusiasts, investors, and influencers to support our pre-sale. The rewards for these Pioneers are financially and personally gratifying as well, as we build something together that is unmatched today in the market.

You will earn a 10% overriding commission on every purchase that applies your influencer code. The purchaser who used your influencer code will enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase amount.

Aside from the above, you are also entitled to earn Cash Reward. Your Cash Reward entitlement is dependent on accumulated CLICK token sale volume from your direct recruitment group (Influencers).

Level Contributing Volume to Cash Reward
1 100%
2 30%
3 20%
4 10%
5 5%

Tier 1 (minimum accumulated sales of 80 million CLICK tokens to qualify)

1st - $20,000

2nd- $10,000

3rd- $5,000

4th - $5,000

Tier 2 (minimum accumulated sales of 200 million CLICK tokens to qualify)

1st - $30,000

2nd- $20,000

3rd- $10,000

To become an Influencer, you need to purchase 100,000 CLICK tokens. After completion of your registration and purchase, an “influencer code’ will be generated for your onward sharing with your community.