General Asked Questions

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Influencers are experts or celebrities who have built a social media audience of loyal followers that frequently tune in to what they have to say about specific topics—in this case, cryptocurrency.

A crypto influencer can reveal your blockchain project to its relevant audience of eager investors. If your project ends up impressing investors, you can boost your brand’s growth organically both in token value and community growth.

The rewards for these influencers are financially and personally gratifying as well, as we build something together that is unmatched today in the market.

You will earn a 10% overriding commission on every purchase that applies your influencer code. The purchaser who used your influencer code will enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase amount.

Aside from the above, you are also entitled to earn Cash Reward. Your Cash Reward entitlement is dependent on accumulated CLICK token sale volume from your direct recruitment group. To know more click here.

To become an Influencer, you need to purchase a minimum of 100,000 CLICK tokens. After completion of your registration and purchase, an “influencer code’ will be generated for your onward sharing with your community.

CLICK is a BEP-20 token, a token standard on Binance Smart Chain.

CLICK is explicitly created and dedicated as the platform token (native token) and used as the enabler for various services and activities offered on the platform. CLICK acts as both a medium of exchange and a store of value, which token holders can trade for products & services on the Global Click Social networking platform with the CLICK tokens they hold.

ONLY 2 billion of the CLICK tokens are avail for pre-sale. When they are gone, they are gone. Click on the “BUY TOKEN” button and complete the registration. From the back office, you can initiate the purchase.

The minimum is 100,000 CLICK tokens. You can pay for your purchase with USDT and BNB

3 simple steps.
  1. Install a MetaMask crypto wallet.
    (instructions for installing MetaMask wallet)
  2. Add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to your MetaMask crypto wallet.
    (instructions for adding BSC network)
  3. Custom add CLICK token to your MetaMask crypto wallet.
    (instructions for adding CLICK token)